A Challenge on Travel – Day 9

A terrific Tuesday in the books.  Project review and site walks today with some down time.  I am a bit conflicted with the down time.  I enjoy having the opportunity to enjoy Florida, but feel a bit guilty for it at the same time.  I am not experiencing anything new, but I’m still experiencing the beach without my best friend, my Adam.  I know he is home doing his thing, hanging out with his friends, and enjoying his time.  I’m not sure why, aside from the fact my personality is a together type of personality, I get so sad when I have so much beauty around me to enjoy.  I pulled myself together, got in the car, and went to the beach.  It rained all morning so the sky was over cast with the sun peaking through, the sand was compacted and easy to walk on, the water was warm with waves that spoke of storms to come.  I enjoyed my floating time in the ocean with a swim.  I won’t have many other ocean opportunities in the coming months for these moments.  So I allowed myself to enjoy and the sadness dissipated.

Day 9

Peanut butter and whole grain toast

Spinach, tomato, chicken, and pesto flat bread with tomato soup

Mixed greens salad with chicken and tomatos

Ocean Swim
Slider Set
20 Mountain Climbers
20 In/Outs
10 Caterpillars

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