A Challenge on Travel – Day 10

Day 10 and the final day of the cleanse phase!  While I have a bit more to go to get back to myself, I cannot believe how incredible I feel after 10 days, just 10 simple days to erase two months of struggle…during a very busy business trip.  Staying at a Marriott Residence Inn helped give a few more options than the typical hotel room as it is equipped with a full sized refrigerator, a two burner range, and a microwave but a very large majority of food was eaten at restaurants.

Restaurant choices take will power and at times don’t have options that meet all your cleanse needs, but overall, fairly easy to stay on track.  I still ate at every meal and if options didn’t meet the cleanse needs, I didn’t treat it like the end of the world.  You do the best you can with what you have in front of you.  My co-workers and clients were not aware that I was on a cleanse as there was nothing dramatically different or restricted.  This peaked their interest in Advocare!  I am amazed at the immediate assumption that a cleanse must be the epitome of food angst and requires a permanent appointment with the toilet. UM, no thank you on whatever cleanse they are referencing.  The pride in the company I promote is indescribable.  The products work and they are meant for normal, real people…with normal, real lives…with normal, real budgets.  No expensive programs with expensive foods.  THIS IS DOABLE!  Anywhere, anytime, for everyone who is looking for a personal wellness journey.

I encourage you, if you have been thinking about a change but unsure where to start, Advocare may be for you.  Lifestyle changes are never overnight and they take patience and persistence.  Advocare helps by offering products that work with your food and your body to help keep you motivated, the people are so energetic and encouraging who are always excited for you to continue your journey, and you get to eat…a lot…of real amazing food :)

Day 10

Sausage, egg, strawberries

Beef Enchilada

Peanut butter and apple slices

Brats and veggies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Weight 129 lbs
Height 5’9″
Chest 31″
Waist 25″
Hips 38″
Thigh Lower 19″
Thigh Upper 22″

Cleanse phase wiped away 6 pounds and 6 total inches in 10 days while on travel.  I am so excited to get back to my personal normal wellness and fitness levels…one day at a time.  Critiques will wonder why I couldn’t workout more, or eat better, or say no to a few adult beverages and sure, I guarantee that my results could have been more dramatic and I could have done more.  But that isn’t the point of this blog.  The point is that with the best products, the best choices, and the most exercise I could manage, I am closer to obtaining my personal wellness goals than if I had put off my start date another two weeks.

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