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A Challenge on Travel – Day 5

Hopping back on after day 4 was easy peasy.  One thing I’ve learned is that no matter what, a new day is a new beginning.  Regardless.  Can’t think about yesterday, don’t dwell on it.  Love the fact that the sun rises everyday with a promise to get up and get going.

Day 5

Meal Replacement Shake

Salmon on a bed of salad with veggies, fruits, and pecans.  New dressing was tried: Tomato Pesto…kind of like Italian but tomato-y, soooo good.

Steak, smashed sweet potato, green beans

Wasn’t feeling snacks.
Between the heat (death heat was upon us) and all the food from the night before, I was completely satisfied and full with the spread I had above.

2 Mile Run
25 Situps
25 Right Oblique Crunches
25 Left Oblique Crunches
25 Push-ups
REPEAT 3 TIMES (run not included)

Sleep.  Let’s talk about z’s.  Sleep is incredibly important on the cleanse, and every other day for that matter.  But so important in a time where you are asking your body to restart.  I will be the first to admit, my sleep patterns are not great.  I get 4-6 hours of sleep on average during the week days and 8-10 on the weekends (Friday/Saturday).  SOMETIMES I’ll get 12 hours if my body says so.  Tonight I’m wide awake because someone is getting married and they are partying hard with their family after the rehearsal dinner.  I can’t blame them and honestly, I enjoy hearing them even though my eyes burn with exaustion.  The only think I can think while I sit and watch the clock roll over 2AM is that lately I’ve been up at 4:55 on the dot in my hotel room.  I haven’t quite figured out why.  But I tend to wake up when I get too warm or the room becomes too bright.  At 4:55 we aren’t discussing bright, so I will try to mess with the thermostat tonight.  I have not been sleeping like I should and I’m feeling the effects.

A Challenge on Travel – Day 2

Today was a bit more difficult than yesterday as I was not in control of the schedule.  Field work began at 8AM and continued until 1PM.  This bit of information matters because bathrooms and snack times are not on your schedule or readily available.  Sips of water and noshing in the car were sparse but overall, today was great and I got in a full workout.  The toughest thing for me is will power.  When that muffin screams EAT ME or the garlic bread inches its way into my brain through it’s delectable aroma, it takes truly remembering the end game.  I noticed that without my usual intake of water, my hunger was derailed and my tummy wasn’t processing like it should.  When I thought I was hungry, I really was just really thirsty.  I believe this changed my satisfaction levels at meal times.  Now at 10PM I’m feeling over fed.  I tend to prefer food over shakes…but tomorrow I may switch it up a bit given my intake today.

Day 2

Hotel breakfast with eggs, sausage, avocado, diced tomatoes

Apple from gas station and an AdvoBar Cinnamon Apple YUM

Beef jerky (picked up at Publix yesterday) and NutTrition mix

Restaurant salmon salad with strawberries, pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette

Peanut butter and carrots (picked up at Publix yesterday)

Restaurant Eggplant and spinach roll up with tomato sauce

2.25 Miles (0.25 Walk – 1.5 Run @ 9.5 min/mile pace – 0.5 Walk)
10 Shoulder Press
10 Tricep Press
10 Bent Over Rows
10 Sit Ups
10 Core Flutters
REPEAT 3 TIMES (run not included)

Running felt great.  I missed it so much and I was impressed with my ability to pick up at 9.5 pace after such a long break.  While I wanted to run forever, I decided to run less and listen more and picked the treadmill.  Treadmill means I definitely won’t be out for a long run.  During my run, my right knee began to have that weird rubber band feeling near the knee cap which we all knows comes from an imbalance of muscles.  I decided to try to test which muscles I needed to strengthen by engaging them in series.  First was my step style and lower leg muscles…nada.  Then focused on my upper leg muscles, which helped some.  Then moved up and focused on the glutes.  I couldn’t really engage the glute without the lower core BUT while I felt like my posture took the form of T-Rex requiring a bathroom break, my knee felt UH-MAIZE-ING.  Which made me really happy.  I have a 5K in a few days and I’ll be working on my booty muscles to ensure a successful evening.  Until they catch up, running like T-Rex requiring a bathroom it is!

Gwen’s AM Thigh Burner

Okay people…this one had me sweating!  It is quick, so keep your form while speed counts.  Gwen put me to the test and I enjoyed every second of this workout and hope you do too.  It took us less than 30 minutes and is perfect for a busy day.

Warm-Up: Half Mile Run

Workout: 3-part Circuit
Part 1
(10) Balance Squats
(10) Reverse Lunges
30 Second Rest

Part 2
(15) Barbell Dead Lift
(15) Barbell Side Lunge
30 Second Rest

Part 3
(20) Hip Raises
(20) Swimmers
30 Second Rest

Cool Down: Stretch
Head Rolls 15 Sec (L/R)
Shoulder Rolls 15 Sec (Back/Forward)
Reach to sky – to – Toe touch 15 Sec (repeat)

Inspired by Microsoft Fitness App – Six Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs

We weren’t meant to fly…

…and we aren’t Nyan Cat, but those who know me KNOW I love that cat!  So let’s focus on those “wings” we have built over the past few years.  Don’t shy away from the back of the arms, you know what I’m talking about.  In all seriousness, the back of the arm is the top workout request that I receive.

I myself started noticing a lack of firmness in my arms last year and thought, NEED MORE PUSHUPS…and then I got lovely shoulders and biceps.  It took me a bit more umph to really find what worked to get me a bit more sculpted in the tricep area now that I’ve matured a bit.

This three-part arm workout worked to kick it where I needed it, plus I love how it flows easily from one move to another.  Put it to music and you will barely notice you are working out!

Things to think about…
This workout is not a time based exercise
Do not rest (you may pause) until the entire tiered set is complete
Flow from one focus to the next with limited delay
Keep proper form and try your best
Tiered => 10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps, etc


Part 1 – Standing with hand weights or at-home equivalents 1-15 pounds, use your best judgement on what is best for you to make the entire workout challenging but manageable, not looking to prove anything or injury will get super strong and there is nothing wrong with starting at 1 pound! AAAAND starting with a 10 tiered set is possible, just use less weight and finish strong, you will know when you are ready for more weight.  You can do this!

Begin standing with feet comfortably apart, toes pointed ahead, knees soft/slightly bent, keeping spine in line lean forward to a 45-ish angle and get ready for Bent-Over-Rows


Stay in same body position and move directly into Tricep-Kickbacks


Gently move into a standing position, press your arms upward and prepare for Tricep-Extensions


Now move gently back into the beginning position and repeat with 9 reps, then 8, then 7…yup you guessed it…all the way to 1.  Be ready to sweat and feel the burn!  But then REST! Yes, Rest…get some Rehydrate and stretch those new found muscles. But wait, don’t get too comfy.


Part two – ready, set, go! Part 2 – Grab a sturdy chair, we won’t dance on it, promise but we will use it to for the next three moves.  Again, fluidity from one move to the next, stay in proper form and try your best. Begin in plank position with hands on the chair and feet comfortably apart.  Keep your core engaged to support your hips and spine.  Move into Push-Ups


Gently turn your body 180 degrees, hands still on chair, core still engaged supporting your hips and spine.  Move into Tricep-Dips (you can bend knees if you need more support as you build strength)


Now move gently back into the beginning position and yes, you guessed it…repeat with 9 reps, then 8, then 7…yup you guessed it…all the way to 1.  But then REST!


Part 3 – Lay down on the floor.  See how I did that?  Standing, chair, now floor! YESSSSS. Just don’t rest too long, only two more moves left in this killer arm set, you have my word.

With your hand weights, create a diamond shape with your arms.  Weights will be just behind your head, elbows bent and open near ear area of head, shoulders are open meaning armpits open to ceiling.  Gently raise the weights to the ceiling, extending arms fully, until you can see them above eye level, lower weights back into diamond shape on the floor.  We are mimicking Diamond-Push-Ups…fyi.


Gently turn to your right side, cross your right arm to your left shoulder, using your left arm, perform a Side-Push-Ups.  Press firmly into the ground as you lift your upper body.  It is okay if you cannot press yourself into an upright position.  You will.  Keep working on it.  This exercise is meant to be at the end of this workout, pushing tired muscles to failure-you will be fatigued and wobbly.  Just keep pressing.


Repeat on the left.  Then rest…stretch…Rehydrate…stretch…rest…and be prepared to watch those wings fly away.  Enjoy!


BONUS ROUND, if you have some energy left, maybe your significant other is into a chair dance performance, just saying ;)

No Gym, No Problem! (1 of 5)

No gym? No problem! The first in a series of GoSarahRun workouts will surprise you; it’s a real kick in the pants! I created it for a friend, but ended up loving this routine so much I use it as my go-to when traveling or on days where 15 minutes is truly a luxury of availability. This workout is not necessarily for beginners.  It is appropriate for intermediate individuals, those who have been active, became inactive, and are now looking for something quick, challenging and power packed to get their energy up and muscles pumped again.

Example Weekly Schedule

Sunday – Abs
Monday – Total Body
Tuesday – Shoulders
Wednesday – Total Body
Thursday – Legs
Enjoy your weekend!

Total Body – as many complete sets as you can in 15 minutes

10 one-leg dead lift (L)
10 one-leg dead lift (R)
*Balance on one foot; reach down as though you are trying to touch the floor and return to standing, still maintaining balance. Repeat for entire 10 reps before switching feet.*

20 air squats
*Feet in wide second position, core engaged, act as though you are trying to sit in the lowest chair known to man, return to standing.  Keep weight in the heel of your foot.  I tend to flex my toes to make sure I do not lean forward and keep proper form.  Cross arms, hands touching shoulders, elbows up.*

20 high knees
*Complete individually, like running in place.*

20 jumping jacks
*Simple, back to basics, you know this one.*

10 pushups
*Begin in plank, keep your pushup controlled, and try to break the shoulder-elbow-back plane.*

15 second plank
*Keep your core engage and your booty in line with your legs and back, don’t lift it too high or lower it to create a curve in your lower back.*

10 touch-yo-toes crunches
*Legs straight in the air, engage core, lift upper body to touch toes with hands. Try not to bend knees.*

Supplemental Sets – as many complete sets in 10 minutes


20 reach-ups
10 alternating-knee2elbow-crunches
20 reverse crunches
15-second plank

*Use the hotel phone book in that drawer no one opens or if you packed weights…you may be hardcore crazy because I need those 10 pounds for shoes on a trip.  If you are at home without hand weights, use something like a gallon of water, bag of sugar, or jar of pasta sauce (plastic jar) type of around the house weights.  Be creative!*

15 shoulder press
10 front arm raises
10 side arm raises
15 bent-over rows


20 No-Arm-Jumping Jacks, soft knee bend to engage large muscles
20 switch jumps/lunge jumps
20 calf raises
15 second sit pose/squat pose