A Challenge on Travel – Day 8

Monday…even on travel they are grunty.  Our site walk schedule was based on others today.  We have a few escorts that required specific meeting times and that means there were moments of extended down time to get caught up.  While I may not have enjoyed walking sites in the heat of the day, I did enjoy the mid morning break to finish up some additional paperwork and take my inhaler.  Not sure what was up with the weather or air today, but I needed some extra treatments.  MAYBE I pushed my “light” activity the past few days, but this felt more like weather than physical.  I decided I would take it easy today, all around.

As I was not feeling well…I hit up some comfort food at lunch today.  I’m sure I could have worked around the menu, but it was a pizzeria.  And I love pizza.  #sorrynotsorry  Knowing that I will probably regret this decision tomorrow, my order went in as quickly as possible as if that demonstrated my commitment to pizza.  Do I recommend pizza?  No, never ever.  Do we all have a food friend we just can’t say no to?  Yes, and for me that friend is pizza.  While not a true justification, I told myself, “at least it was a fiber day.”

 Day 8

Peanut butter and apple slices

Personal sized pizza

Avocado salad and a beef enchilada

Carrots and snap peas with Italian dressing and sliced almonds

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