A Challenge on Travel – Day 7

Day 7 of the classic cleanse means one more day until the FIBER DRINK IS BACK!  Okay, I maybe I’m the only person out there who loves the fiber drink, but seriously I do enjoy the fiber drink.  Especially when I don’t have my MNS.  Just keeps me feeling great.  Let’s celebrate that day 8 is just around the corner.

Today was a “me” day and away from work and the hotel.  I ran my virtual run for the 5K Romp.  I had breakfast on my own.  I did my nails.  I traveled to Clearwater to see my brother in-law and his wife, Justin and Rachael.  Seeing Justin and Rachael was absolutely amazing.  I have been so homesick, seeing family and walking the beach helped remedy my Adam-blues.  I definitely am NOT missing Kansas, missing my Adam and pets, yes.  Hotel life just isn’t my thing, although I do accomplish many tasks in the chore-free solitude, I’m still in solitude.

While my day was full of many wonderfully relaxing things, I just couldn’t keep my chill.  I did end up doing work when I returned for a few hours in my hotel room.

Day 7

Breakfast wrap and hot tea

Planters NutTrition Mix and Apple Slices


Frenchy’s grouper nuggets with buffalo wing sauce

Spinach Salad with snap peas, carrots, sausage crumbles

5K Virtual Race in a sauna style workout facility
(oh I was very much wishing for 45 degree Leavenworth weather)

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