A Challenge on Travel – Day 6

Day 6 and I’m back on cloud nine.  I cannot believe how great I feel…and the results so far! Teaser alert stats below.  I think back to just a week ago and I’m just so thankful I did not put this off any longer.  While my sleeping is still not sound or for prolonged periods of time, I did force myself to go back to sleep after 4:55AM hit and after 6:45 hit.  But I couldn’t make it much longer.  I got up and around but took it easy in the hotel room.  Read a little more Andy Andrews and watched some TLC TV…which amazes me what is on TV these days.  The hotel has digital cable or dish or something, but it skips a lot so it doesn’t stay on much.  Which is okay by me, but I wonder about everyone else who really loves their television.

Today was a good day.  I got out and about to see some of the beautiful areas that surround the communications towers that I have been inventorying for work.  Initially, I wanted to find my face lotion.  Yes, face lotion…what?  I forgot mine and my face is already reacting to Nutrogena’s sensitive skin sunscreen.  Well I got super frustrated trying to find a specific store and came up on a beggar at the stoplight.  Without hesitation, I grabbed two waters and two granola bars from my backpack and handed it to her.  I realized at that moment, I’ll just drive around giving out food and water.  It’s what I know.  It is what I did when I lived in Florida.  Each interchange has someone looking for food or work.  I always had granola bars and water in my car…sometimes a bag of apples, just for them.  So I did that for a few hours instead of buying dumb face lotion.  My pimples and Rosacea can wait…I can’t imagine being thirsty.

Then I went to the beach.  I know…tough day, right?

Day 6

Sausage, eggs, fruit

Hamburger with lettuce and tomato
(no bun and NO PICKLES!)

Sunset Salad with Grouper
(fancy house salad with farm to table like everything)

Another day where additional snacks just didn’t feel necessary

Restorative Yoga

Weight (no scale)
Height 5’9″
Chest 31″
Waist 25″
Hips 38″
Thigh Lower 19″
Thigh Upper 22.5″

Day 6 and I’m down 5 inches overall.  BOOOOM.  And no loss in my boobies or booty so my Adam will give that two thumbs up! HA!  I just love feeling like myself again.

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