A Challenge on Travel – Day 5

Hopping back on after day 4 was easy peasy.  One thing I’ve learned is that no matter what, a new day is a new beginning.  Regardless.  Can’t think about yesterday, don’t dwell on it.  Love the fact that the sun rises everyday with a promise to get up and get going.

Day 5

Meal Replacement Shake

Salmon on a bed of salad with veggies, fruits, and pecans.  New dressing was tried: Tomato Pesto…kind of like Italian but tomato-y, soooo good.

Steak, smashed sweet potato, green beans

Wasn’t feeling snacks.
Between the heat (death heat was upon us) and all the food from the night before, I was completely satisfied and full with the spread I had above.

2 Mile Run
25 Situps
25 Right Oblique Crunches
25 Left Oblique Crunches
25 Push-ups
REPEAT 3 TIMES (run not included)

Sleep.  Let’s talk about z’s.  Sleep is incredibly important on the cleanse, and every other day for that matter.  But so important in a time where you are asking your body to restart.  I will be the first to admit, my sleep patterns are not great.  I get 4-6 hours of sleep on average during the week days and 8-10 on the weekends (Friday/Saturday).  SOMETIMES I’ll get 12 hours if my body says so.  Tonight I’m wide awake because someone is getting married and they are partying hard with their family after the rehearsal dinner.  I can’t blame them and honestly, I enjoy hearing them even though my eyes burn with exaustion.  The only think I can think while I sit and watch the clock roll over 2AM is that lately I’ve been up at 4:55 on the dot in my hotel room.  I haven’t quite figured out why.  But I tend to wake up when I get too warm or the room becomes too bright.  At 4:55 we aren’t discussing bright, so I will try to mess with the thermostat tonight.  I have not been sleeping like I should and I’m feeling the effects.

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