A Challenge on Travel – Day 4

Okay, so truth…day 4 is my toughest.  In the “old” cleanse, it is the first day without fiber, which typically makes a huge difference in how I feel about food.  Today started out great food and nutrition wise.  Everything up to lunch was right on track.  Life wise, it was a bit of a stressful day.  Full of phone calls and on site politics.  Struggle with an escort who believes the best three lunch choices for our team is McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-a, or Chinese Buffet. And by 4PM the unanimous vote was for a wind down evening at the beach.  Being out with clients and your project team, creates an incredible space where will power is a struggle.  The indulge occurred.  It is 2PM and after a few Kona Big Waves and an enjoyable visit to the beach, I am at the hotel thinking I should be sleeping.

While today was not a winning day while on the cleanse, it was a day of getting to know my coworkers and my client for a successful two year project.  I will wake up in a few hours with a new day and new choices to conquer.

Outside of my current goals, being on travel brings a host of emotions.  Today is the first day I missed home immensely.  The tricky part is which HOME do I miss more…Florida or Kansas?  Hands down I miss my Adam and our pets, but after that…I still miss Florida.  Three years later, Florida still feels like home.  The smell, the heat (yes, the heat), the water, the life of just the two of us.  I miss it.  I know with our newest move, Adam is helping me get back to my roots, my family, my Adam.  And I’m ready to come home.  10 Days.

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