No Gym, No Problem! (1 of 5)

No gym? No problem! The first in a series of GoSarahRun workouts will surprise you; it’s a real kick in the pants! I created it for a friend, but ended up loving this routine so much I use it as my go-to when traveling or on days where 15 minutes is truly a luxury of availability. This workout is not necessarily for beginners.  It is appropriate for intermediate individuals, those who have been active, became inactive, and are now looking for something quick, challenging and power packed to get their energy up and muscles pumped again.

Example Weekly Schedule

Sunday – Abs
Monday – Total Body
Tuesday – Shoulders
Wednesday – Total Body
Thursday – Legs
Enjoy your weekend!

Total Body – as many complete sets as you can in 15 minutes

10 one-leg dead lift (L)
10 one-leg dead lift (R)
*Balance on one foot; reach down as though you are trying to touch the floor and return to standing, still maintaining balance. Repeat for entire 10 reps before switching feet.*

20 air squats
*Feet in wide second position, core engaged, act as though you are trying to sit in the lowest chair known to man, return to standing.  Keep weight in the heel of your foot.  I tend to flex my toes to make sure I do not lean forward and keep proper form.  Cross arms, hands touching shoulders, elbows up.*

20 high knees
*Complete individually, like running in place.*

20 jumping jacks
*Simple, back to basics, you know this one.*

10 pushups
*Begin in plank, keep your pushup controlled, and try to break the shoulder-elbow-back plane.*

15 second plank
*Keep your core engage and your booty in line with your legs and back, don’t lift it too high or lower it to create a curve in your lower back.*

10 touch-yo-toes crunches
*Legs straight in the air, engage core, lift upper body to touch toes with hands. Try not to bend knees.*

Supplemental Sets – as many complete sets in 10 minutes


20 reach-ups
10 alternating-knee2elbow-crunches
20 reverse crunches
15-second plank

*Use the hotel phone book in that drawer no one opens or if you packed weights…you may be hardcore crazy because I need those 10 pounds for shoes on a trip.  If you are at home without hand weights, use something like a gallon of water, bag of sugar, or jar of pasta sauce (plastic jar) type of around the house weights.  Be creative!*

15 shoulder press
10 front arm raises
10 side arm raises
15 bent-over rows


20 No-Arm-Jumping Jacks, soft knee bend to engage large muscles
20 switch jumps/lunge jumps
20 calf raises
15 second sit pose/squat pose

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