Balanced for Comfort

One thing that many years of dance taught me is that to maintain injury resistance you must condition the smallest muscles of our structure. Five years after retiring from the stage of the modern jazz world I realize, those dance practices really saved my tush (pun intended) from all these crazy running injuries.

Our bodies have large and small muscle structures and when our small structure is weaker than our larger structure, damage occurs. In the running and lifting world, these weaknesses are called IMBALANCES and, as they should be, a pretty hot topic, just use the GOOGLE…you will see. I think that there were about 5 articles release just yesterday as the running world prepares for fall season.

Given my studio conditioning, I never had to experience shin splints or plantar fasciitis or runner’s knee or IT band issues. NEVER. Then, after retirement, the dance conditioning deteriorated and I became just like any other runner, susceptible.   The advantage I didn’t realize I had over most was that when I felt an imbalance begin, I corrected it, my way. Why, MY way? Because I didn’t know any better and it worked. I was comfortably consistent with my running performance. My pre-race training consisted of 5-10 miles a week for the three weeks before a race, minimum of one run at least 8 miles long.   This preparation always had me finishing in about two and a half hours, minimum effort, comfortable, happy.

Two years ago I was frustrated with my fitness and overall lack of focus. I had moved from Florida to Kansas and without my trails, sidewalks, and routine, I needed a place to get away, start fresh. There was an amazing gym halfway between work and home. So I joined, first gym membership ever. It was like an exclusive club. Beautiful. Weights, three pools, spin studio, classes, yoga, every machine possible, treadmills, ellipticals, indoor track and outdoor fitness trail…I had no idea where to start. I’m great at coaching others, not so much myself. Next logical step, I found a personal trainer/running coach, Justin Pearl. He was an unconventional running coach…he didn’t want me to run. He wanted me to find my happy place and turned my focus to short impactful training. I PR’d under his 6 week program. I cannot thank him enough for changing the way I looked at training. I cried when he moved to Colorado. Really. Tears.


A balanced athlete can ask a lot from their body and the body will respond beautifully. Speed gains and endurance strides can be realized, easily. GoSarahRun is ready to test this three phase training program.

Phase 1
4-week schedule focusing on conditioning the small muscle groups and creating balance. I will be using a few workouts from The Pearl training methods and a mix of others from my dance history.

Phase 2
4-week schedule focusing on speed conditioning while gaining distance in the long run and larger muscle strengthening for power.

Phase 3
4-week schedule focusing on endurance conditioning, longer runs, more recovery, shorter bursts of phase 1 and phase 2 for balance and strength maintenance.


Race’s planned to keep the spirit of competition high and baseline testing available are

Silverback Triathlon Sept 14 – Topeka, KS
500-meter swim
12-mile bike
3-mile run

Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon Relay Oct 18 – Kansas City, MO
Team GoSarahRun
Mileage to be announced

Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Nov 8 – Walt Disney World
13.1-mile run

Kansas City Longview Half Marathon Nov 15 – Grandview, MO
13.1-mile run

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