Guilt-Free Schedule…pencil me in

I want it all…with as little training as possible…yes, I said it.  And to top it off, I want it my way.  I’ve tried the “experts” schedules, the prescribed run-walk-run (which was my favorite) and there are even a few magazines that have some pricey plans.  But now, the phrase, “keep doing what you’re doing to keep getting what you’re getting” is annoyingly true.

While I give many accolades to those who are naturally awesome, I am not.  Each running season of my past began like a fuel ignited bonfire until the flames smoldered under the schedule demands…then the guilt, oh the guilt.  SO…let’s do this, the GoSarahRun process for a guilt-free schedule.

Firstconstraints…here are mine:

I like to work hard, for short periods of time
I like to make time, don’t have much to spare
I like distraction, can’t be overwhelmed

In short, if I had the patience to be slack, I probably would be, but since I have this driving internal force to keep insanely busy, I try to find productive options that don’t drive my husband toward divorce.  With daily demands, my training schedule needs to be intense but relaxed and only 4 days a week.

Second…evaluate intensity and commitment each week…realistic yet challenging…mine look like this:

Maximum mileage: 15
Maximum hours: 4
Training time: Aug 4 – Nov 4

If you aren’t realistic, you won’t stick with your plan.  If you aren’t challenging, you will wonder what your results could have been.  So do yourself a favor and be candid.

Thirdexpectation…maybe the most important part to any and all coaching/training experiences…

Honestly, I have no idea what to expect.  I know that I need to do work and that work will be done; but aside from a qualitative statement of preference to succeed at everything, I have no quantitative expectations.  Alas, if my doctorate endeavor has taught me anything, it is that in lieu of quantitative metrics, tracking some evidentiary values that would measure “success” is just as scientific.  Let’s start with my baseline measurements to include some body mass references.

Weight/Body Fat: 133.7lbs/25.4% on the Aria Scale
Bust: 32”
Waist: 29”
Hips: 39”
Bicep: 11”
Thigh: 21”

2-Mile Run: 9’18” Pace
Max Push-Up: 61
Max Sit-Up: 108

Know your constraints, intensity and commitment, and your expectation.  Over 9 years I have tried to use off-the-shelf training schedules but skipped days, lost interest, and felt an aching body.  I’m enthusiastic for a new approach.  If you can’t relate, you are apart of that awesome referenced above.


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