Lighter, Faster, Stronger…wanting it all

I have never been a runner chasing speed but rather one who desires comfort.  Comfort in the release of technology, watching a sunrise, hearing nature scurry and feeling the movement of my own muscles powering me mile after mile.  At times I would close my eyes, hear my breath and just pace in awe of my body.

A few years ago my mind and body had a battle…I’m not quite sure if there was a victor but what I do know is the war that raged resulted in an emotion of internal struggle.  I hated running…how could I hate running?!?  Running is who I am.  What I love and my ultimate distraction to this modern world.  So, I continued to run with the memories of my past races, my past trails, and my former self by my side.

Two months ago I realized I’m tired of running with my ghost.  And as I prepared my training schedule for one of my favorite races, Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I took a deep breath and held it while my mind raced.  I thought, you better think fast, your strength is not at holding your breath, make a decision, what’s it going to be this year?  My lungs burned as I challenged my indecision.  As I listened to my heart pound, my thoughts jumped from anger to complacency to fantasy…

Why are you making me do this? Running hasn’t been all that bad. Oh to feel connected again…

Ah-ha!  I  will just change everything.

My breathe of comfort was immediately followed by shear wide-eyed panic…

Why did you decide to do that?!?

So here I am, in my new body built by lifting heavy things; with my new mind determined to overcome obstacles; with a renewed spirit prepared to say farewell to the my running ghost.  I, Sarah Rose Henke Shafer, hereby proclaim that…


Okay, for those who know me…this isn’t a new proclamation in my personal world mainly because I’m full of indecision due to the responsibility that a resolution requires.  Nevertheless, I’m determined and really, really stubborn, often times misunderstood for motivation, and ready to state my training schedule goals.

I will lean out to be lighter

I will run less to be faster

I will lift harder to be stronger

Yes, these goals go against all previous training I’ve created, paid for, or exams passed.  *Please refer back to that determined and stubborn statement*

May The Journey Begin…

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