A Challenge on Travel – Day 1

April 20th has been a big day for me to look forward to…the start of my challenge.  It has been on a countdown since March.  I’ve been sick.  Sick meaning two rounds of antibiotics, prednisone, new inhalers, most importantly very limited exercise (like none at all) and limited vitamins (WAAAAT!?!) plus a huge change in my “normal” life.  So this day has signified the day of normalcy to return.

Then…I get notified I’m going on a work trip for two weeks.  Now, for most, this would automatically deter any opportunity to get healthy.  It’s just too hard to be good unless you are home.  I have never felt this way with Advocare and therefore I decided to document that a 24-Day Challenge can most definitely be accomplished while on extended travel.  If you want something you will fight for it, and I want to feel my healthy normal again.  So here it goes.  Before you judge, here me out on this documentary.  Out and about, you gotta know what choices you have and that you DO have choices that work.  Are they better choices than those at home?  That I cannot answer as we all have different kitchens, but for my life, finding convenient choices that work with my goals is key.

Day 1

McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin (minus the McMuffin) with REAL egg.  Did you know that you can order a real egg?  It is like a little poached goodness tucked away among all the processed monsters screaming for your attention.

AdvoBar Cinnamon Apple – this is my all time favorite AdvoBar, well, until they come out with that cookies and cream bar I’ve been pining over.

Publix deli salad with rotisserie chicken – Simple trick while vacationing or businessing, local grocery stores have a lot of options AND so do some gas stations these days.

NutTrition mix by Planters and pre-sliced apples – I did a little grocery shopping at Publix too!

Local seafood restaurant – Seasoned shrimp and green beans

Power blast workout
10 Burpees
5 pushups (right leg up)
5 pushups (left leg up)
Plank to failure

Weight 135lbs
Height 5’9″
Chest 31″
Waist 27″
Hips 38″
Thigh Lower 20″
Thigh Upper 23″

Herbal Cleanse (Classic)
Catalyst (9/day)
OmegaPlex (4/day)

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