January Registrations and September OMGs

January is amazingly full of resolutions and goal settings.  One of my favorite months of the year.  Partly because I get to sign up for most of my local events with discounts.  I’m only thrifty so I can spend more, so deals totally pull me in.  One such deal grabbed me.  I signed up for three triathlons.  Why three?  Because if you registered as a package, each event was 15 dollar LESS than their individual registration prices…who DOESN’T want to save $45?!?  The best part after clicking that glorious confirm payment button is putting my soon-to-be-accomplishments on the GOOGLE calendar!  We will definitely not focus on the fact that I disliked triathlons…IT WAS A DEAL! $45 DOLLARS, PEOPLE!

June and July triathlons went well.  Highlights, my Adam trained at Shawnee Mission Lake with me, our dog, Gizmo, joined Adam within the ranks of professional spectators and cheered me on at the 5i50 in Lawrence, and I learned I thoroughly enjoy in-water-starts.  I’m officially hooked and looking forward to event #3 in the fall.  September rolls around, I am busy, but in the back of my mind I know an event is coming up, the 20th seems to be a date that sticks.  I know I need to be transitioning from 4 weeks of “Wanting it All – Phase 1”, but first I’ll procrastinate with a bit of Facebook perusing and email browsing.


“Packet Pickup and Race Day Instructions”

Wait, what!?!

So ladies and gentleman, welcome to my Sunday afternoon.  Yup, you know it, I have 6 days to get into an injury-free-finish shape.  No.PR.at.all.OMG. Where did time go?  How could I let my days slip by? Can I do this? After those 30 seconds of panic.  I recognized that my body is primed and ready.  I planned, feverishly…

5:30AM 12.5Mile Spin
6:30AM 3Mile Run
7:30AM Strength Training

5:30PM 1Mile Run
6:30PM Circuit Training
7:00PM Yoga

6:00PM 1200m Swim
6:30PM 1Mile Run

Now, although this was a very painful week…pain that not even Post-Recovery Workout shakes, Nighttime Recovery magic pills, and an entire tube of Arnica gel could fix…it was also promising to realize my fall training schedule is like, now.  In 6 days I’ve rebuilt muscles and a structured a schedule.

Although the “lazy” days of August are over, it is time.  Sarah’s Train is pulling away from Procrastination Station and barreling towards fall with an aggressive schedule.  Here goes nothing!


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